Jimmy Kent.

Former male toyboy to Lady Anstruther. Currently first footman at downton abbey. my heart belongs to Thomas, but he just doesn't know it yet.

Anonymous said: A lot of people seem convinced that jimmy'll keep his job, don't know how, but even the way ed was talking about the thommy bromance seemed to be for the long term so idk

this upsets me :(

I’m missing Jimmy so much :(

Ed Speleers - the gentleman’s journal (2014)




But seriously did the Thommy fandom sacrifice something bc how else can all the Thommy interaction be explained?

Shit guys they’re on to us!

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If you think Jimmy “betrayed” Thomas after that, we didn’t see the same show.

Whoever said that is really an idiot. He wanted to get in bed with Lady Anstruther, how is that betrayal? It’s not like he was going out with thomas.
*rolls eyes*

It was a great episode, let’s be honest. However i’m so upset, even though I knew Jimmy being fired was coming.. :(

Right. Does this mean Jimmy won’t return at all? No goodbye from Thomas? This is damn ridiculous. Jimmy deserved better. Stupid evil Lord Grantham telling Carson to fire him.

aaaaaand here comes the Downton fire. Is this when Lord Grantham will find Lady Anstruther & Jimmy making sweet love in bed..?

Welcome everybody to “Thommy Abbey” ….


honestly this episode is killing me with thommyness ….  <33333